zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Sissy Day 2011 and more...

Hello friends!

 I think I told you before that I am blessed with five sisters and two brothers?
These five sisters have planned a 'Sissy Day' on Saturday 19 November, here with me, in my home. What a surprise!
We all live in different places, spread over the country, so it was quite a job to make sure every sissy can join that party :>)
 I don't need to prepare anything ( due to that hand-icap ); they did or will do, from cooking, baking, buying, bringing, sleeping and carpooling to doing the dishes after the party.
They arranged this all because a Sissy Day that was planned earlier this year had to be cancelled.
By then I could not yet travel for long, as I was still recovering from surgery for colorectal cancer in August last year.
And now they did not want the year to go by without having had our Sissy Day, so I got a phonecall a few weeks ago from Ingrid, revealing their surprising plan.
We are all looking forward to Sissy Day 2011!

~  The SissieSix ~

From top left it shows me, Ingrid, Jacqueline  and Loni
Sitting on the floor are Stella and Annelies.

 This picture was taken 1st.of November 2008, Sissy Day at my place.


 Today I received the Thimblelady thimble  that I ordered from Quilthuis Lieselotje
That thimble promises to offer perfect handquilting, without tendon or gripping pain, and that's what I am looking for at the moment, well, months.
If my finger will not get back in its old supple shape, I want to try to handstitch with this thimble.
At this very moment my finger still is too thick to fit in ( although I bought size L ), so I must be patient for some more time. Yet it is something I look forward to!
 For now I am thinking of machine stitching a charmpack diagonally, cut the blocks and stitch the whole lot together in some kind of pattern, to make a mini quilt.
 Hope I can handle the rotarycutter or the scissors.....
Putting this Frisian saying into practice:
( If it can't be done like it should -  It should be done like it can )
She ( Jim Shore's 'Sew Angelic') is in my Little Walhalla, watching my stash for the time being:

 Tonight the clock will be turned back one hour, so we can sleep a little longer :>)
 Won't be of any problem for me, I took this crocheted coverlet
 this morning to upgrade my bed, making it winterproof as nights are getting colder now.
I crocheted the coverlet 32 years ago, double sized; must have been suffering from a serious crochet fever. Don't know.. I do know I was in love, we had planned our wedding and I was making this for the newly-wed's-bed :>)

 Have a wonderful weekend!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Sissy Day - I love it! I know you are going to have such fun! It is great seeing a picture of you and your sisters. Before I lived near my sister we were getting together each year for a special time just for the two of us.
    I am sure you will have such fun together, and it is so nice that they are going to do the work so you can be pampered and continue to care for your hand.

  2. What a lovely gathering you will have ... I wish I had a sister ... and your crocheted quilt ... I had one just like this that my grandmother made like a million years ago!!! It fell apart in the end ... The Swiss and the Dutch seem to be very much alike ... Have a lovely evening xxx

  3. How special that you can spend a fun time with your sisters!! I didn't have sisters, just one brother. But I have three daughters and one daughter-in-law and they all love to get together and do things! Sometimes they even invite me!!


  4. Ik ben van de partij haha! Oh ik kijk er zo naar uit; we gaan er een superdag van maken hoor!

    Liefs, fijne avond,