maandag 17 oktober 2011

The French Connection

Hello friends!
 Last September a quilting friend had her birthday and fortunately I had a birthday present ready-made waiting on the shelf for her.
 She is of French origin, moved to Dokkum when she married her Frisian husband, many years ago.
 This is my birthday present for her
The French, Dutch and Frisian flags are all to find on this .....


 For Alie Bahlmann, my Q-Teacher here in Dokkum when I first started quilting four years ago, I made this pincushion; it's my own design, using Dutch fabrics and adding self crocheted red  Frisian 'Pompebl├¬den' at the connecting points.

Pincushions showing the French - Frisian Connection.
Made in Fryslân by a Dutch non-Frisian girl :>)

 Have a nice day!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful creations ... I'm sure your friend will be delighted ... Have a lovely day

  2. Lovely, the pincushion is adorable!!

  3. Your pincushions are great. Love that you used Dutch fabrics for them. I'm sure your friend will love her gift.

  4. I love your pincushion! The red polka dots and blue fabric together is so pretty. Great job!

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