zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Handy update

Hello friends!

 More than one whole week without posting; quite unusual for me in normal circumstances but, since I am handicapped there's not so much left to post about.
However, today I can Show and Tell a bit about The Hand, if you don't mind.
If  you do, please quit this blog and hop over to quilt-blogs you like :>)

 My hand is on the mend :>)
 New skin is now covering palm and finger, antibiotics and their anti-allergic medication are swallowed to a finish; the only medication I still need are painkillers.
Without that stuff I feel like hand-stuck between the door.
 And that's a horrible pain  I really can't cope with.
I don't bother about stiffness or limited power or suppleness, but P A I N ... I hate that, especially that kind of pain.
  Twice a week I go for physiotherapeutical treatment, which means  massage and applying lymphdraining tape to reduce the swelling.
 This is what my taped hand looks like now, five weeks after surgery: 

Next  picture was taken after two weeks, when the surgeon had removed the wound drains:
 ( the colour is bad, too blue-ish )

  I think you can imagine how glad and thankful I am, that all has come to such a happy end, with my finger still where it belongs; could have been much worse if I had come a little later...
 And I think you can't imagine, like I couldn't, that this is caused by
one simple curved basting safety ( !! ) pin.
And nasty bacteria giving a hand.

 So, I think you can also imagine that quilting and stitching by (that) hand have to wait for some more months. I'll see what comes and when, and in the meantime I do my stinking best to sew with my left hand and with my dear friend the sewing-machine, which already had some surprising results; not to Show and Tell about yet, because it's for a swap I joined :>)))

 To show you something nice I made and bought before the Big Sting, look at this:

 The peace of cake is a p........n,
a pincushion!

 The biscuit that looks so real that you'd like to take a bite, is a coaster I bought at Blond Amsterdam, when I was there, shopping for real Dutch presents I wanted to take for my friends in Australia, two years ago.
This funny biscuit was a present for myself.

 Well, I think the pictures of this deli stuff give this post a happy and tasty end, don't they?

 Wishing you all a blessed and sunny weekend!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. So glad that your hand is on the mend! It did look painful. The pincushion is adorable!! Prayers for a quick recovery.


  2. How horrible, such a small thing as getting a pin in your finger could cause so much trouble, I went back into your posts to read about what had happened as I am quite new to your blog and I was amazed and so thankful for you that the surgeon was successful in saving your finger or maybe even your hand . All the best for a speedy recovery .Take care .

  3. Oh my goodness, I had not realized your "adventure" with the pin. I'm so sorry and so very thankful that you will be okay and have all your fingers intact. What a scary thing to happen.
    Your pincushion and biscuit as very cute and will make wonderful gifts.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  4. Yuk!!! I cannot believe that all this came from a pin ... my goodness you must be the unluckiest quilter! The pain must have been terrible ... I feel for you ... I hope that you will soon be feeling better ... I guess both of us could do with a pain break! ... sending love

  5. Oh that looks so painful!! I think that would have totally freaked me out. That tape dressing was pretty impressive! Hope it feels 100% very soon :)

  6. OMG! Dat ziet er echt ernstig uit. Hopelijk is het snel genezen.

    Groetjes, Sandra