donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Grandma's laptopped lap

Hello dear friends!

 Yesterday afternoon I went to Nunspeet, where I am still at this very moment, to my daughter Loni and her husband Gerben with their sweet little five months old darling daughter Nine.
 Being, or at least feeling a modern gr@ndm@ I took my laptop with me, as I  am on duty today, caring for Nine. She is so adorable and I enjoy doing  this so very, very much.
So, when Nine's asleep I can fill the duty-breaks surfing, blogging or e-mailing.
 After lots and lots of rain during the last three days, today is a sunny, clear and crispy-morning day.
I went with Nine in the stroller and Border terrier Jayden on his 4FT for a  lovely fifty minutes' walk and it was great.

I'll go back home next Saturday, so there are still many hours of pure grandmother's joy for me to come!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Enjoy your visit , there is nothing quite like grandma cuddles :-)

  2. Well you are a modern grandma! Enjoy your stay and don't forget to take some photos!

  3. How wonderful!!! Such a sweet time with a granddaughter!! Enjoy!


  4. What fun you are having with your granddaughter! Good for you. I'm hoping to get to see ours in about a month, for Thanksgiving. Now go back and enjoy cuddling up with that little one.

  5. Hoi Jeanne,

    Ik hoop dat je volop hebt genoten. ik kan me er wat bij voorstellen.
    Liefs, Jacqui