donderdag 6 oktober 2011

My mother's sewing - box

Hello friends,

 today I'd like to show you my mother's sewing - box, that's got a place of honour in my living / craftroom, after I furbished it:

 Shortly after my Mum got her first electrical sewing - machine in the early 60's of the last century (sounds like a fairytale, just like my  Snow-white-like-finger-story), my Dad bought her this box to go with the machine.
 Originally it was beechen with black painted handle / legs, but after all those years it was fairly worn, you can imagine. 
I decided to paint the box mahogany and the handle / legs lavender. 
 In this lovely  heirloom I cherish some of my mother's haberdashery that came with it. Some empty jars filled with buttons, lace or ribbon, spools for frivolit√©, sew-on badges and frill and a little brown paper bag filled with dried lavender. An old little paper bag from the shop ( Zuhorn in Groningen ) where she had her nylon stockings repaired, which was not unusual in those days, as nylon stockings were not cheap and the 'disposal age' wasn't invented yet.

Noah's Ark, in the background, is made by Jim Shore, an artist who's highly inspired by his quilting grandmother, or his grandmother's quilting.

Till soon.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh this is so beautiful! What a gorgeous piece and lovely memories. You did a great job :)

  2. Such a wonderful treasure, filled with lots of little treasures and memories.

  3. Aren't family treasures extra special!!! It's lovely and the ark too!

  4. En wat is het een prachtige naaibox, een juweeltje!!! Ja hoor , ik weet ook nog dat nylonkousen werden gerepareerd. Ik heb naaispulletjes van iemand geerfd en daar zat reparatiegaren voor nylons bij....

  5. Such a lovely treasure , it is beautiful and I am sure brings back wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing .

  6. Hi mum,

    Enjoy the magic from the box as much as I enjoy this art-blog.

    It's really one of a kind and being your oldest son I can instantly tell it's yours. Very you!

    Enjoy autumn and be proud!

    All the best from Cotsdorp,

  7. wij hadden vroeger thuis ook zo'n naaibox, ik wilde dat ik hem nu nog had. groeten van liesbeth

  8. I love your mother's sewing box. What a special family treasure. The color is perfect.

  9. Wat een leuke box. Lijkt me heerlijk zo naast mijn stoel. En deze is lekker groot.
    Groetjes Anita