maandag 3 oktober 2011

House - sparrow

Hello friends,

 A couple of months ago I bought a little white bird-cage in a discount store to house the bird I found (and sewed) in the Eline's Huis book:
It's in the spare bedroom, waiting for company to stay and play with. 
My own house-sparrow.
 Isn't it a tweety-sweety?
Days have become less boring for me, since the pain in my hand is bearable and I managed to change (partially) from being right to lefthanded, which is of good help in housekeeping practice.
You know, the laptop is a wonderful thing and so is the internet but, if that's all there is...... 

And sewing is also quite another chapter...
 Maybe I can start trying to do some machine stitching, this week or next. My both hands are itching! And not only because of the cure.
Today's highlight was my first bikeride in more than three weeks. 
 Oh, how I love that! Just a short ride, to the physiotherapist and to do some shoppings, that could be taken home in the bicycle-bags. No more left arm stretching by dragging too heavy shopping bags.
 I am off now.
 Sleep well and till soon.


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  1. What an adorable little birdcage and birdie ... So glad you are recovering well ...