zondag 23 oktober 2011

Limerick fun at Two Patch Ladies

 Hello friends,

 Hanneke and Inge at Two Patch Ladies started a draw you can take a chance in by sending a Limerick about Quilting.
There are two stitchery packets to win. Isn't that nice?
 I love everything concerning  fabric and language, so you understand I think it's great fun patching and matching words about quilting, creating a Limerick!

 I already sent one in Dutch:
 Een quiltster uit een Dokkumer streekje
 deed het liefst met de hand ieder steekje,

 maar na een prik in haar jat
 lag haar handwerk plat

 en dat steekt; het heelt niet in een weekje.

 And I've tried to write one in English:
 Patching and matching and stitching
make a quilter's hand become itching,

 when she goes through her stash
 and pictures in a flash

 the result of her quilt-in-the-ditch-ing.

 Enjoy your Sunday; mine is a perfect Autumn one.


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