maandag 7 november 2011

Crochet and Thumbquilting

Hello friends!

 Yesterday Pauline, an online quiltclub friend, came to visit me, to show and tell me about using the Thimblelady thimble, but also Ted Storm's Thumb Thimble. We had a great time, with a chat and a stitch. Thanks once more, Pauline!
That last thimble, Ted's one, is a very promising alternative for me, as long as I can't use my right hand properly for quilting the traditional way.
I bought Ted's Thumb thimble two years ago and now it is the perfect thing to work with for me, I think. I'm reading and asking for information about a hoop, with or without stand. If that's all arranged, I can start practicing; many hours and kilometres shall be spent practicing, but I WANT to learn it. 
Practice makes Perfect.
I am so happy with this new possibility.
Another new little project I am into, is making crochet ice chrystals. The pattern is from Eline's Winter Huis book . They are so cute!
 The diameter is 5cm. / 2".
 I think I'm gonna make lots of them and drop and hang them, for decoration ofcourse, all over my own lovely Winter House :>)
 Just finished cutting the fabric scraps for my swap partners in Marcha's Charm - Club fabric swap.

And I sent thirteen machine-sewn 
to the USA.

 'No Impact Week' has started and I must say I enjoy being in. I am discovering that I  have lived  frugally and simply for many years; not being the diehard type with the goathair socks, though.
It is good to live that consciously for one week, finding out what one can do and leave for a better and easier, slowed down life, without having the feeling of missing much. On the contrary: life gets better, richer, more relaxed and satisfying.
 This was Mrs. Zondagssteek's Monday Preach; won't do it again.
 Have a nice day, evening or sweet dreams!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so glad you are finding good ways to do your quilting and hand sewing while your hand heals. The thimbles sound perfect for you!
    Your crocheted ice crystals are really cute. They will look lovely added to your decor this winter!
    The goat hair socks sound soft and warm. I love my feet being warm (and there is a LOT to warm -- got that from my Mom's side of the family).
    Hope you have a wonderful week my friend. HUGS

  2. Interesting thimble , I will be anxious to know how you like it. I love your little crocheted crystals , I made some many years ago and still hang them at Christmas.

  3. So glad all is going well ... I love your crochet ice crystals ... so very pretty!

  4. Hé getver die snowflake..niets an hahahahahaha nee hoor. Meid bééldig! En er gloort dus hoop; ik ben zo blij voor je! Wat leuk dat je gezellig visite hebt gehad!

  5. Hello there, popped over here after you left a comment on my blog. Your crystals are beautiful. I made some like this on an embroidery machine several years ago. Now you have inspired me to do more. I am always thimble challenged. I look forward to seeing your results.

  6. Een wat late reactie van mij, maar ook ik denk met veel plezier terug aan onze eerste ontmoeting, het was een gezellige zondagmiddag! Bedankt voor je hartelijke ontvangst, je speldenkussentje staat bij mij pc en ik kijk met veel plezier blauwe blokjes met gouden randjes, ze doen me denken aan deze middag, een middag met een gouden randje.
    Groetjes, Pauline