vrijdag 16 september 2011

Quilting fever

Hi friends,
 eight days of silence on my blog,  rather unusual for me, but the reason is a similar unusual story that started on Thursday last week with sandwiching my batik quilt

using those fantastic curved basting pins that appeared to be S H A R P .....
because, when I wanted to pick up pin number eighty-one something happened that made the pin end up in my right middlefinger tip. Arrrgh. I took it out and finished my sandwiching job, to start the quilting.
 Thirty six hours later I woke up, bathing in sweat and suffering severe pain in that finger and a 38,6 C.degrees fever.
 Consulting the weekend doctor's service next morning at 11:30 a.m. I  was immediately sent through to a surgeon, who operated me policlinically, 'hung' me on bottles with antibiotics and kept me in hospital.
 Monday afternoon another operation (under total anaesthesia this time) was indicated as my hand was swollen, infection levels in the blood were rising and the aspect of the hand was no less than horrible.
 The surgeon did a very good job and my finger could be saved.
 After four more days filled with painkillers, antibiotics (and an allergy for one specific kind of them :>((, a problem that had to be solved as well), wound draining baths and all that, finally I could be sent home after six days.
Recovery will take a long long time, think in months............, in which I can not even think of holding a needle or using scissors, I'm afraid. So, no quilting for me for I do not know how long and that makes me feel sad, so sad.
  Really hand-icapped.

 But I keep up hope and  I will keep on blogging, as one finger is enough to use the laptop for writing updates :>)

 Wishing you all the best.
Till soon.
No Cheers for now, I am sorry.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Een speldenprik met zulke gevolgen. Dat bedenk je toch niet.
    Maar wat een geluk dat ze er nog op tijd bij waren.
    Sterkte de komende tijd, hoop dat je snel je hand weer kunt gebruiken.

  2. Lieverd kalm an hé...Heb je een beetje geslapen?

  3. Oh my friend ... what a terrible ordeal for you ... my thoughts and prayers are with you .. Thank God you are ok ... xxx