donderdag 8 september 2011

Soother ribbons

Hello friends,

 While it's raining a flock of cats and dogs, I am in my cosy home spending my time sewing, stitching and quilting.
 With Autumn blown into the country I feel happy at home with my fabrics and threads, patterns and the time that can be spent the way I like the best.
So I plugged in my sewing machine to make some new soother ribbons, that also can be used to take a little toy safely, because clicked to coat or safety belt it can't be lost.


Two days ago I was called by a lady who works in a so-called Thomashuis, taking care of mentally limited people living there.
She told me they are planning a Christmas Fair on the 8th. of  December and she asked me, whether I would like to join that Fair. I can have my own table to show and tell, sell as well (about) my patchwork and quilting activities and products.
I am thrilled, you can imagine!
 So, from next week forward I'll be busy sewing Christmas 'stuff' for that event. Wow :>)!

 Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'm so happy for you to have your sale ... I too have one next week and I am quite nervous ... I'm sure you will do very well your sewing skills are amazing ... have a lovely day