donderdag 8 september 2011

Step by step and stitch by stitch

Hello everybody,

 A second post today, but I can't wait sharing this:

'Step by step' is what came to my mind, when I found my children's first shoes whilst searching the attic for old sewing patterns.
Three sons and one daughter started finding their way step by step in these dear little shoes that I  gave a place of honour in my livingroom, with the little quilt that I finished today.
This is what I found too

 a sweater I knitted for my daughter Loni, about twenty years ago...
It was not only knitted, there was also some darning to be done.
Ain't it cute?
I remember my pride and joy when Loni and her three brothers ( Willem, Hans and Jan) all were wearing their sweaters I knitted in four different colours. For the boys I sewed velveteen trousers in olive green, bottle green and black (depending on the main colour of the sweater), for Loni a nice skirt.

Today I am the happy oma of two darling granddaughters, of whom one already is walking in her own little shoes...

Good night and till soon.

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  1. Oh how very sweet that you kept these ... what memories ... time does fly doesn't it ... Thanks for sharing have a lovely day ...