vrijdag 2 september 2011

Bagging quilter's and lace-worker's stuff

A Sunny Hello to you!

 How are you doing? Enjoying a lovely, sunny day like I do? It is so good to see and feel the sunshine, which is promised to last for the next two days here in Holland....

I have been stitching, ofcourse, what else am I busy with every day again?
To create order in quilt stuff that has to be taken to bees or lessons, I sewed these bags:
 Fabrics are from my little Walhalla. I bought the beads at the Kruidvat sale, enjoying 70% discount :>)); they were sewn for decoration to women's belts. I took them off to make my own new creations.
 As you can see the inside of the bag contains eight compartments for yarn, needles, scissors etc. 
And look what I made and put in the centre...
a pincushion!

 The paisley-print fabric is from the sale at Kwantum's curtain department, a couple of years ago

What would the other bag be without a pincushion for itself?
 I made the largest pincushion I ever did until now, size 5XL, using an old button I got from my old (in every way) landlady.   I think I'll use it for my many curved basting pins.


Look at the mess in my 'crafting area', which in fact is my dinnertable :>)
 Every day I sweep the whole lot off the table to another table or the settee, so I can enjoy my dinner the appropriate way.

 One more bag I made; this one is for the lace-working lessons I am to attend, to organize and take the bobbins, etc.
I like the lace-like fabric print; think it's suitable

 Adding a(nother)............?

Well, that's it for now.
 I am going out for a bikeride in the sunshine.
 Have a wonderful day!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. These are incredibly pretty ... Love your creations ... I have no clue what those wooden 'pins' are ... but they look good!
    Have a lovely weekend ...

  2. Meid je moet een winkel beginnen. Ik ben er helemaal wég van. Heerlijk hé; voor iedere cursus iets anders om mee te nemen en lekker van te genieten. Heel vaak geef je het weg maar hier ga je lekker zelf van genieten. En zo hoort het ook! Op zijn tijd is het enig om iets voor jezelf te maken nietwaar?
    Hoekomjeweerophetidee. Creabea:)
    En wat de rotzooi op de eettafel betreft; je bent heilig vergeleken bij mij. Ik richt altijd een compleet slagveld aan......
    ps. en straks lekker tukken hé!!!