maandag 1 augustus 2011

House number 9

Hello dear friends,

  the first Homespun Houses nine-patch is completed by this one:

 I pinned them in the wallpaper, creating the nine-patch:

  above the settee, in my and everybody's sight when in or entering the livingroom.
 That makes me feel G :>) :>)D!

 Another little thing I sewed for my granddaughter Nine yesterday (so a real Zondagssteek it is) is a ribbon for a soother, teething-ring or little toy, that can be clicked with the brace clip to a baby's hood or blanket. 

 Today is a lovely, sunny day with nice temperatures, which means the BBQ is on duty tonight in my  backyard!
Enjoy your day, evening and meal.
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Till soon

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  1. Wow these look fabulous!! and that little soother ribbon is so sweet!