zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

House number 21

Hello everybody,

 after the twenty patchwork houses I started to make the centre block, house number 21, and I do it in cross stitch, using yarn in colours matching those of the Dutch fabrics I used for the other houses.
Have a look, it's just the first part, but you can get an impression:

After a cup of coffee I'll go on with the stitching, while my darling granddaughter Loni Marije (16 m.) is asleep, staying for the first time with me in my house; just for one night.  I enjoy it so very much!
 Today there was no time for stitching ofcourse, with that little sweetheart around. We had a lovely bikeride this afternoon with Loni Marije sitting in the little bikeseat on the handlebars.
Then I cooked a healthy, lovely meal of carrots, broccoli, potatoes and chicken, with custard and fresh strawberries for dessert.
A quick bath for the little lady and eight little teeth were brushed. After that she was taken to bed and fell asleep almost immediately.... worn-out as she was.
I'm tired, not really worn-out, but I can feel I've got  less energy compared to twenty years ago, when I was running all day with, for and after my children :>)
This was a very joyful day.
 Have a nice weekend, 

1 opmerking:

  1. Oma je hep een logee! Wat enig! Oh wat zullen jullie gisteren hebben genoten. Super hé weer met zo'n kleintje op de fiets! En dat diner van jou; ik krijg spontaan trek :)

    En dit huisje; ach zo lief. Na al het quilten is het ook weer leuk om te borduren hé, Zeker zoiets moois als dit!

    Maak er een gezellige dag van; lekker binnen en freubelen. Het is toch prutweer...