dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

House number 18

Hello everybody,

 Autumn has arrived, dropping walls of water blowing them forcefully over the country. I do not really like that...
It also brought me a tough cold that makes me feel sick and sad.
 But, it keeps me inside, sewing :>) and enjoying my Homespun Houses Project, which is nearing its final patch and stitch.
Number 18 was finished yesterday:
Maybe a bit tricky, the red and green combi, but in the Zaanstreek, a region in Holland, the (historical) wooden houses are traditionally painted green and in case of tiled roof tiles are (orange)red. This may be an explanation for my tricky yesterday's action.
 There's an old Dutch saying: "Rood met groen is boerenfatsoen", meaning you better don't wear / use green and red together,   I don't care....
This Dutch House deserves a place in my Dutch fabrics Houses Project!
 Time to start sewing the final two houses!
Thanks for stopping by, have a good day.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well ... hope your cold clears up soon ... lovely house!

  2. Jij snottert en ik zit te kwijlen; we zijn een mooi stel samen haha.

    Ik vind het een super combi en meid; lekker doen wat je hart je ingeeft! Tisweereenparel!!!

    Doe kalm aan en knap lekker op!