Van Lapjes naar Stapjes

In 2017 maakte ik de omslag
van Lapjes, met de lijfspreuk: "Elke dag een draadje"
naar Stapjes, met het nieuwe motto: "Elke dag een straatje".

Met elke dag een 'straatje' van minstens drie kilometer wil ik 1000 kilometer lopen in 2018; net als in 2017, toen ik de 1066 haalde.

vrijdag 1 juli 2011

House number 2.

Good evening,

 the second house in the block is ready too! 
Before I get to lean back with a drink a picture should be shared with you, I think.

Tomorrow there won't be any time for sewing, because unexpectedly and surprisingly my son Jan, who two weeks ago got his driving license, will take me for a visit to Nunspeet, where my daughter (his sister) and her husband and their newborn daughter Nine live. Grandma and uncle can have a lovely little sniff at and cuddle with that gorgeous little darling!

 Enjoy your evening and till soon!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Welll granny; you are a busy bee. And I am drooling over this one. Although I always avoid red as the plague I know it's one of your favorite colors.
    And we are sisters haha!
    Have a wonderful day; it also means I don't get a chance to stare and sigh over another house:)
    But have fun and enjoy!


  2. Have a wonderful time with your new granddaughter!


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