zondag 3 juli 2011


Good morning to all of you,

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 This is the award  I received from Stella.
Thank you very much, sissy my dear, I feel honoured!
I understand there are some accept-the-award rules I have to follow, which means that I should:

 1:  Send a thank you to the person that awarded me, mention her on my blog and include her link.
Did I do it right, this way, Stel?
( And all by myself! )

 2:  Tell seven random facts about myself:

 - I feel blessed living a happy life, in a lovely house I can call HOME
 - I feel so blessed being a mother and a grandmother
 - another blessing is that the (grand)children are all in good health
 - every new day is a precious gift to me, always has been so, but particularly after I was diagnosed with colorectal  cancer in July 2010.
 - I feel blessed with five sisters and two brothers and with dear friends.
  -  It is a blessing to me that I can count my blessings
  -and last but not least: I'd like to share this verse with you; it highly inspires me:
 Count your garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall
 Count your days by golden hours, don't remember clouds at all
 Count your nights by stars not shadows
Count your life by smiles not tears
 And with joy on this your birthday count your age by friends not years.

3:  Pass the award on to at least eight other blog buddies.
 That is not so easy for me. May I pass this award on to all my blog buddies? You have been so kind to me, sending nice words in e-mails and comments. Thank you all so much for the joy, the sharing and the friendship!

 It is time to make myself  a nice extra large black coffee!

 Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!


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  1. NOu lieffie graag gedann hoor; ik heb ademloos zitten lezen en je hetb het helemaal dikke prima gedaan :)
    Nou staat je award mooi op je blog; zet je hem nog an de zijkant :)???? Geef maar een gil als je er niet uit komt.