Van Lapjes naar Stapjes

In 2017 maakte ik de omslag
van Lapjes, met de lijfspreuk: "Elke dag een draadje"
naar Stapjes, met het nieuwe motto: "Elke dag een straatje".

Met elke dag een 'straatje' van minstens drie kilometer wil ik 1000 kilometer lopen in 2018; net als in 2017, toen ik de 1066 haalde.

zondag 12 juni 2011


now I once started with this blog (!) I'd like to show you more pictures of my home-made 'fabric-and-yarn' creations, like these fabric coated foamblockpuzzles:

 In Fremantle, Western Australia, where I was on a month's holiday in November / December 2009, I bought the Aboriginal print fabric, used in this sweet souvenir puzzle:


I made quite some puzzles and baby playing balls, not only for new borns or youngsters, but also for the elderly, suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's Disease. These lightweight, easy-to-handle 'toys' appeared to bring (in some cases almost therapeutic) joy to those who are physically and /or mentally limited or disabled, no matter what age.  I made them in different sizes, using fabric in all kinds of prints, colours, subjects / themes, hiding a little tinkling bell in it. Some examples:


Knitted baby caps for India:

For one of my (five!) sisters, an art ball, white to her wish:

A so-called blockbook, to keep and transport my patchwork fabric pieces safe and neat:

Memo board:

Duty calls! 
I have to obey; will be back later today and then I will show you some of my  patchwork  tops for quilts and already finished quilts.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I never ever get tired of looking at that gorgeous memobord. But besides that; I never get tired of everything you create. Wow wow wow!!

    XXX Stel

  2. These are just so pretty ... I have never seen anything like this before ... thank you for sharing

  3. Fabulous! I have never quilted and am always amazed at the love in each and every square. These are just wonderful!


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