dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Creations of all kinds.

Hello everybody!

Today I'd like to show a little variety of my last year's creations. They were Xmas-, or birth(day) presents, or just meant as gifts to others, but also to myself :>) :

Besides these socks for my friend Noor in The Hague I knitted cute pink babysocks for my granddaughter  Loni Marije, who was born on April 2nd. 2010. Got no picture of them, but cute they were!

 To pretty up my front door:

Pincushions.......... I'm an absolute pincushion addict:

 Time for tea!

Baby sleeping bag I sewed for my dear friend Yvonne's grandson Laurens:

Did not forget to take a picture of this. Cross stitched for my granddaughter:

I sewed for little darling Loni Marije, this Spring:

 Made for play-pen and bed of my granddaughter Nine, born May 21st. 2011:

And 105 bridal sweets for Niels & DesirĂ©e, who got married the 2nd. of May  this year:

     Have a nice day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello dearie :)
    It;s always fun to look here and I know that IRL alle these creations are jaw-droppers.

    Zo; da's wel ff fijn om te vertalen haha!
    Lieverd alles is prachtig; weet dat ik een hele grote fan van je ben!

    dikke kus,

  2. Those are the cutest pin cushions ever! And the crochet flower on Stella's site is from you too?! WOW!

  3. Hi Jeanneke, I've just hopped over from Stella's blog. I would like to say what a talented lady you are. I love to see quilting (wish I could do it) and the baby ball is just the cutest. Those flowers you crochet for Stella are lovely,I'd love to see a tutorial. Enjoy your weekend. Deb xxxx